Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson & Trevor Knight’s relationship? Yeah, that’s done

Real talk: Sadie Robertson always has the cutest boyfriends. Shortly after breaking up with two-year boyfriend Blake Coward earlier this year, Robertson started seeing another cutie: Trevor Knight, a college football player at Texas A&M University. Unfortunately, the seemingly perfect pair have already called it quits.

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The couple reportedly only dated for one month, but I don’t hold that against Robertson. She’s only 19! One-month relationships are common among college-aged young adults. I know I’ve had them! Plus, there’s Instagram photos of the pair together as far as back as June on Robertson’s account and April on Knight’s account.

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Robertson opened up about the breakup when she was questioned about Knight during an interview with Fox411.

“Me and Trevor actually just broke up,” she told Fox411. “It’s OK, it’s fine.”

The reality star went on to tell Fox411, “I can say even after we broke up, he’s a great guy and I think he’s doing amazing things in his career.”

So, why did the pair call it quits? Robertson said in statement to Us Weekly, “Trevor is a great guy, but our schedules are just so busy right now. He’s in the middle of football season, and I’m about to start my tour, so the timing just didn’t work.”

The pair first connected over social media, bonding over their Christian faith and the mission trips they had both taken to Haiti.

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Before Robertson and Knight started officially dating, the pair attended a Justin Bieber concert together back in April just as friends. Where can I find a cute guy that will take me to a Bieber concert?

Robertson and her family rose to fame on the popular reality show Duck Dynasty. Robertson is also known for competing on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars.

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