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Lindsay Lohan thinks posting a racy selfie will make her fiancé grovel

It sure seems like Lindsay Lohan’s (ex?) fiancé needs to study up on the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” because something tells us he is going to need to sing them after he takes a little look-see at Lohan’s Instagram page.

Lohan and Egor Tarabasov recently cooled things off after a huge public fight early last month in Mykonos, where they were photographed in a physical altercation.

Egor drank too much and he went crazy,” Lohan told the Daily Mail of the event.

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None of us know what their fight was really about, but one thing’s for sure: Lohan is holding her ground and not taking Tarabasov back until she gets an apology. But that doesn’t mean she’s above posting some risqué social media pics to make Tarabasov grovel.

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The past week she has been posting seductive photos of herself with cryptic captions and hashtags like #noboyfriend and #stillneedimsorry that seem to reference Tarabasov.

“Like Eminem said ‘patiently waiting,'” she captioned one photo.

Rumors circulated that Lohan had reunited with Tarabasov last week when she shared a photo on Snapchat in which she was wearing her engagement ring.

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Our only advice to Lohan? Drop the tags and references to Tarabasov in the captions your photos. She looks smokin’-hot and should just let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is the first update we’ve gotten on Lohan and Tarabasov’s relationship since their explosive fight, and honestly, it’s kind of disappointing to see that Lohan is still hung up on him. There have now been multiple instances in which Tarabasov has allegedly gotten physically aggressive with Lohan, so it’s obvious these two are not good for each other.

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