RHONY‘s Bethenny Frankel is savage, and I love it

The first part of The Real Housewives of New York reunion special signed off with a bang. I will be honest — I was a little bored for the first half, because all we got were the same old complaints about Dorinda’s boyfriend and a whole bunch of clips of Ramona being single and fabulous. It’s not that I don’t love seeing Ramona being fabulous, but I was hoping for some serious drama. Luckily I didn’t have to wait for Part 2, because the ending of Part 1 was when Bethenny really shined.

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See, if you have been watching, then you know that Luann and Bethenny constantly accuse each other of dating married men. Lately Luann has been the accuser, because Bethenny’s new boyfriend was in the process of going through a divorce when they started dating, and Bethenny was also in that same situation. If we are speaking in technicalities, then sure, they both are still technically married, but that’s clearly not the way the world works. Separation has to come before divorce, and it’s the part where the couple is obviously not together in their minds anymore.

During the reunion, the whole thing came up, and Luann would not let it go. She even continued to speak to Jules, Sonja and Dorinda while Bethenny was trying to explain how she and her boyfriend got together. Andy had to basically tell her to shut up and let him hear Bethenny speak. Bethenny explained that she has actually spoken with her boyfriend’s ex-wife and that everything is totally fine with everyone involved. She was not the cause of their divorce, and she and her boyfriend did not get together before they were separated. Luann just kept harping on about the whole thing, and honestly, I was shaking my head in my living room, because Luann should know by now that Bethenny is an amazing savage and will not have her name dragged through the mud. She was poking the bear, man.

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Suddenly Bethenny got fed up (along with the rest of us) and pulled out her cellphone. Andy asked who the hell she was calling in the middle of filming the reunion, and she replied, “My boyfriend’s daughter.” Drop the mic, and bow down. Luann immediately backtracked and tried to say, “I am not speaking with his daughter. We’re not doing this,” because she obviously knew she would be caught in all of her slanderous glory. Bethenny called her boyfriend’s daughter on live television and asked her point blank whether she or anyone in her family thought that Bethenny had gotten together with her father before he was separated from her mother. The daughter answered pretty calmly that there was absolutely no way that had happened, and she even said, “I speak for all of my siblings.”

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The best part about it was that Luann said, “Of course she will side with you.” Why would a child side with their father’s new girlfriend as opposed to their own mother or father? Luann, you are reaching for the stars, but there is just nothing there. Give this one up, and stop trying to make yourself feel better about your stance that “men leave willingly.”

Do you think Luann needs to stop claiming that Bethenny broke up a family? Let us know what you think about this situation in the comments!


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