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Joey Feek’s video of her daughter is beautiful, emotional and hard to watch

The world fell in love with Joey and Rory Feek’s love story, and when she died following a battle with cervical cancer in March, fans mourned with Rory. The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster for him, but he does have something (or rather someone) in his life who makes it all worth it — his daughter, Indiana.

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Joey wasn’t be able to watch Indiana grow into an adult, but she was there for her formative years (she was born in February of 2014). And on Tuesday, Rory took to his personal blog, This Life I Live, to share the beautiful impact their daughter has made on both his late wife and himself.

I’m reminded what a gift she is. What a gift she’s been to me. And to Joey,” Rory says of the toddler, adding that, at the time of her birth, they felt she was their “special gift from above,” and those feelings have only become stronger.

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Rory then reflects on the movie he has been working on, a tribute to Joey’s life, and how watching clips from the past has helped him learn many things. “First off, my wife is even more incredible than I thought or knew she was. She was so full of light and so filled with life… even when she was dying,” he wrote. “Her smile was more beautiful, her voice sweeter and her love for Indiana was even greater than I remembered.”

And this is why Rory decided to share a beautiful video of the joy that Indiana brought Joey and continues to bring him. He is also challenging the perception that having a child born with Down syndrome is a “mistake.”

The video, simply titled “Indy,” begins with her birth and shows Joey holding the newborn baby in her arms. It then takes us on a journey through Indiana’s life and all the moments she was able to spend with Joey — and it’s clear that Joey had so much love for her baby girl.

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Fans have been moved by the post, with comments on the blog including one from Anthony Gagliardi, who wrote, “We are so happy that beautiful baby Indiana is bringing so much light and life into your world. No child is ever a mistake.”

LH echoed those thoughts with her comments: “You are a wise and wonderful man….and so fortunate to have a child who is the definition of love. I am the mom of a child with special needs, and I often say that she is my greatest teacher (though I am not always the best student!) Enjoy your sweet, sweet gift.”

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

joey and rory feek slideshow
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