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What does Natalie’s eviction on Big Brother mean for her future with James?

Oh, love. It should be avoided at all costs in the Big Brother house, unless you believe your relationship has the strength to endure the measures you may have to take to win the game, or you don’t end up resenting your loved one for making poor choices and convincing you to go along with them. On Thursday’s new episode of Big Brother, Natalie and James’ showmance was in peril when both of them went up for eviction, and despite James spending the time leading up to the eviction moping and cursing God for his role in getting them both into this situation, it was Natalie who was sent packing. Can whatever they sort of had going this season survive her ousting and become something more?

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In her post-eviction interview with Julie Chen, Natalie, clad in glitter and holding a plant, said that she wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of a romance with James. The two have been canoodling (ish) this entire time and he hasn’t exactly held back from telling her he wants to be more than friends. Natalie admitted that in a high-pressure atmosphere like the Big Brother house, where you’re cut off from contact with the outside world, you sometimes say things you don’t mean, which explains her behavior earlier in the week, when she went to Victor, Paul, Nicole and Corey and told them that she’d trusted the wrong people because she thought James had the right idea. I wish we’d seen this Natalie, the one who actually plays the game, earlier, but unfortunately, it’s too late now, and to be fair to James, Natalie does have her own brain and could have acted accordingly, instead of doing what James thought was best. (Unrelated, but sadly, as Nicole pointed out in her goodbye to Natalie, this means she’s the last woman in the house.)

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Also in her interview, Natalie said she does hope James continues in the game and she doesn’t want to see him end up on the jury. It’s nice that she’s still rooting for him, but honestly, I think it’s all a pipe dream that James will win, or even keep hanging around the house, at this point. He seems defeated over his role in Natalie’s eviction, so unless he pulls out some kind of wondrous victory over the other housemates and ends up Head of Household, he’ll probably be next to leave. You never know in this game, though — it’s James versus the Final Four, and I still wouldn’t put it past Paul and Victor to try and take out Nicole or Corey. And maybe if James ends up in the Jury House, he and Natalie can get going on taking things to the next level, unless it turns out that she really is mad at him for his role in her eviction.

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Could you see Natalie and James being more than friends? Is it James’ fault Natalie got evicted? Tell us in the comments!

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