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The Duggars aren’t amused by Jinger’s overboard infatuation

So far, Jinger Duggar’s in-love behavior has included claiming that she’s no longer hungry because she’s in a relationship, blatant front-hugging, declaring that she and fiancé Jeremy Vuolo will be circumventing traditional Duggar courting rules, and most recently, incessantly texting and video calling Jeremy, even in the very depths of the wilderness, to the chagrin of her siblings and the world.

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On the latest episode of Counting On, the older Duggars, sans Jill and Jessa, trekked around in the wilds of Missouri in order to learn survival skills (I’m not sure why). While some Duggars focused on learning things, others (Joy) narrowly avoided being eaten by bears, and Jinger refused to tear herself away from her phone whenever she had reception so she and Jeremy could talk. The two have been clear that they want to fast-track their courtship into engagement (so they can have babies soon), which apparently worked, since they’re now engaged, but at this point in the show, it seems like the plan is to learn as much about each other as is humanly possible via phone and Skype.

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Jinger’s siblings looked on while she talked to Jeremy, giving her a lot of side-eye and interviewing that their sister was super distracted. Josiah joked that Jinger would die if she didn’t have reception, and Joy said that it was both funny and irritating that Jinger was glued to her phone, but admitted that even though it was annoying to watch, she herself would probably end up being the worst of all when her time came.

Jinger wasn’t unaware that she was more or less totally checked out of the supposed sibling bonding time, which, in addition to foraging for edibles in the wilderness, also included constructing and sleeping in debris shelters (although the first part of the trip was spent sleeping inside an RV with beds and flushing toilets). She reflected on watching Jessa and Jill go through courting, being similarly glued to their phones and gushing over their respective dudes. She hadn’t imagined herself acting in the same way, but clearly, things have changed between then and now.

If we didn’t know that Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship wouldn’t be forever dictated by the tenets of patriarchy (Jeremy as head of household instead of partner, Jinger relegated to breeding), I might think that what was going on between them is cute, but it’s hard to do that, seeing as Jinger’s fate isn’t going to be different from that of her mother and sisters, and marrying Jeremy is just how she’s getting there. She is happy, though, and at least this way, she gets an iPhone.

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Is Jinger’s attachment to Jeremy endearing or annoying? Tell us in the comments!

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