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Really, that’s it? Rizzoli & Isles‘ series finale was a snooze-fest

Well, that’s all for Rizzoli and Isles, folks. In Monday’s series finale, everyone found out Nina and Frankie are engaged, Korsack packed up his desk and passed it on to Frankie, Kent recorded everyone’s testimonies for a bon voyage party and harassed Jane with a sock puppet, Angela served cake shaped like a penis, there was a lot of crying, and Jane surprised Maura with the news that she would be going to France with her because she has approximately 900 hours of vacation time. (Oh, and there was a case, which I seriously doubt anyone was paying attention to because they were too busy crying.) The finale was basically completely devoid of anything eventful, though, except for the last scene in which Jane informed Maura that she would be taking the leopard print suitcase Angela gave her on their trip to France.

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The show has obviously been building up to the finale all season, so we consistently learned new things about the characters (hi, Maura’s ex husband) and watched them get ready to take on new challenges, so by the time this final episode rolled around, there wasn’t really that much to do except make sure people (characters and fans) were able to say goodbye in a way that paid a proper homage to the show and its relationships. The last scene belonged to Jane and Maura, which it should have, because the show is about them, but although it didn’t resolve itself the way many fans hoped — with the two confessing their long-suppressed desire for one another — it did leave open the possibility for fans to imagine that something could happen between the two of them in the future. After all, Jane was essentially telling Agent Davies, whom she’s now dating, that she’s putting off going to Virginia because she had to frolic in France with Maura. There is hope, Rizzles fans.

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While there wasn’t a gigantic plot twist at the end of the show (i.e. no flaming car wrecks in which everyone died), I am glad that the show ended the way it did, instead of the writers retracting their plans to send Jane to the FBI Academy. This whole season has been about the inevitability of change, but also the characters taking action to make change instead of just letting it happen to them: Nina and Frankie getting engaged, Jane leaving the BPD, Korsack retiring, Maura going to France. It might not be dramatic in the usual way of procedurals (no blood!), but it was a fitting ending, and the one the show deserved.

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