Catelynn Lowell deserves way more support than a baby pig and Tyler Baltierra

On Monday’s new episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah and Simon continued to yell at each other but not break up, Amber got a new pet, Maci got a wedding dress and venue, Catelynn adopted a ($3,000) baby pig, and in a terribly heartbreaking scene, realized that her anxiety was far too much for her to handle on her own.

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So far this season, Catelynn and Tyler have talked about moving, actually moved, had a falling out with Teresa regarding Carly, had a not-private speaker phone call with Dr. Drew about Catelynn’s medical history, contemplated having more babies, vetoed having more babies (at least for now), discussed Catelynn’s weight, a conversation which led to Tyler incurring the wrath of America, and now, become the parents to one tiny pig. It does seem like said pig is more Catelynn’s than a shared pet, since Tyler spends the episode reiterating his horror in regard to the price of it.

Catelynn and April go together to pick up the pig, and it’s fun and silly and great to see Catelynn getting along with her mom and genuinely excited about something, but things spiral down pretty quickly that night when the pig squeals non-stop. When we see Catelynn again in the morning, she looks completely exhausted and miserable, and anyone who’s been down a spiral of anxiety and depression understands that feeling of having to rally but really, really not being able to because even rolling over in bed is too much.

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Catelynn draws her own conclusions, telling the producer that her anxiety is out of control and she knows she needs to go away and deal with it. Although we knew Catelynn was going to rehab this season, watching her talk about feeling like a burden and not want to screw up Nova, all the while crying and holding the producer’s hand, is just a lot to see, especially since Tyler is sitting near her, making no attempt at all to comfort her or tell her she isn’t a burden or remind her that helping herself is helping Nova, and that’s exactly how you don’t screw up your kid. I don’t know if any comments or gestures of love or support he made were edited out or what; I can’t imagine what the benefit of that would be, unless the editors were seriously crunched for tim, or interested in making Tyler look bad (worse?). It’s certainly possible and likely, in fact, that Tyler is himself exhausted and overwhelmed by the situation, and that he’s finally realized that Catelynn needs more help than his “get it together” reminders can give her, but based on past performances, it’s hard for me to cut him any slack.

As much as I wish Catelynn had been able to come to grips with needing help more privately, instead of on camera, it is important to see her talk about her anxiety and depression openly and admit that she can’t just get up one day and be fixed. I’m glad she was able to leave the show for a while and be in a supportive, structured environment where she could deal with things.

(April, in case you were wondering, is now taking care of the pig, whose name is Pickle.)

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