The America's Got Talent judges wasted their Wild Card vote

Sep 1, 2016 at 1:10 a.m. ET
Image: NBC

The America's Got Talent judges have a knack for angering audiences this season. Whether they're courting their favorite singers in hopes of landing lucrative record deals (as Simon Cowell has been accused of doing) or chasing each other through the audience and trying to soak one another, they're constantly getting on viewers' nerves. Tonight, they did it again, but this time, the problem wasn't their immature behavior, it was the poor reasoning behind their Wild Card decision.

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I found some of America's choices for the finale questionable, but I can at least understand why viewers made the choices they did. I'm far less sympathetic toward the judges, who appeared to completely leave talent out of the equation when making their big decision tonight.

Passing Zone
Image: NBC

I'm not trying to say that the act the judges chose for their Wild Card was boring or unimpressive. I love juggling, and juggling with dangerous objects is even better. I wasn't particularly impressed by the astronaut stunt with the three judges, but I do think that the guys of The Passing Zone are generally good at what they do. That being said, they could be terrible jugglers and I honestly still think Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B would vote for them, as long as that vote comes with a guarantee of torturing Simon Cowell.

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That's right — three of the judges chose an act merely because they desire revenge on their fellow judge. Obviously, Cowell didn't like this idea, but I think he's mostly just annoyed that one of his favorites didn't go through. Yes, I will be interested to see how Cowell reacts to The Passing Zone's antics, but no, I don't think that possibility merits a Wild Card vote in and of itself.
Simon Cowell
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My issue with this season's batch of judges is that they don't always take the show seriously enough. I like to think that they understand the full extent to which this show impacts lives, but I'm not always sure they do. Why else would they chase each other around the auditorium instead of provide feedback? And why else would they make a decision based on their wish to torture somebody? If they really took the show seriously, they would choose the act they find most impressive, regardless of what that means for Cowell.


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