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Even if you’re not watching PLL, you’ll eat the latest Ali story line up

There have been many Pretty Little Liars story lines I’ve supported over the years, including everything Haleb, except for when they broke up. There have also been many story lines that I haven’t supported, including anything Spaleb or Emison. Well, it looks like there is a good chance that my list of “Things I Hate About PLL” will grow if it turns out Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby.

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Now that Tuesday’s Season 7A finale revealed Ali is indeed pregnant (and presumably to late Elliot Rollins/Archer Dunhill), fans are really starting to hop on the theory bandwagon that Ali is somehow carrying Emily’s fertilized eggs.
Remember at the beginning of Season 7 Emily donated her eggs for money and then A.D. stole them? Seeing as A.D. is willing to go above and beyond to make the Liars’ lives miserable, he/she/they could have very well taken Emily’s eggs, fertilized them and then implanted them into Ali while she was unconscious at Welby.
During a conference call Wednesday with reporters after the 7A finale, I. Marlene King said Ali’s pregnancy will impact all of the Liars, but “especially Emily.” She also noted that “nothing is average on PLL” and that “everything is spectacular” in relation to the nature of Ali’s pregnancy. What the heck does that mean? She could easily be hinting at the possibility of Ali essentially carrying Emily’s baby.

Alison DiLaurentis
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That might make Emison fans happy, because it could be a way to bring them together. On the other hand, there are those who might take major issue with that story line. You can include me in the latter. Just saying the words “Ali might be carrying Emily’s baby” makes me cringe.

Not only is it disturbing, but this is just too crazy for PLL. I mean, when is too far too far and too much too much on this series? If this story line does come into play, the biggest issue I have with it is that it’s a major violation of a woman’s body. Neither Ali or Emily made the decision to get pregnant, but someone else took control of a major life decision for them. Specifically, Ali’s body has been violated. It is a woman’s right to control her own body and for someone else to step in and take that control away is a complete violation.
Here’s hoping Ali and Emily having a baby together does not come to fruition, because that is one PLL story line I cannot get behind. To say I will be extremely disappointed if it does happen is an understatement.

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Pretty Little Liars returns with its final episodes in April 2017.

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