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Making a Murderer detective says Steven Avery’s case is a war on police

After watching Netflix’s Making a Murderer, many viewers walked away feeling a grave injustice had been committed. Even if not 100 percent sure Steven Avery is innocent in the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, most people will admit they feel Avery was at least the victim of the Manitowoc County officials in that the investigation of his alleged crime was improperly investigated.

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Everyone deserves a proper trial, and Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, has dedicated herself to getting Avery’s conviction overturned. Recently she filed a motion accusing investigators of planting evidence to frame Avery, which would help prove he is indeed a victim in the crime and not the perpetrator.

But there’s at least one person who firmly believes that Avery is not a victim. In fact, Det. Andrew Colborn — who was heavily featured in the Netflix documentary — believes the officials who investigated Avery are the ones being persecuted.

I’m not surprised at all,” he told In Touch magazine in response to Zellner’s recent motion. “The war against law enforcement continues, and I’m not surprised at all.

“[Zellner’s claims] are as ludicrous as anything else she’s come up with and beyond that,” Colborn also said. “I don’t have any other comment other than that is ludicrous.”

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Colborn also insists that law enforcement has an “airtight case against Mr. Avery.”

Now that Making a Murderer has gotten the green light for Season 2, it should be interesting to see how all of Zellner’s claims play out on film. Especially since people who previously supported Avery seem to be coming out of the woodwork more and more — like former Manitowoc Assistant District Attorney Michael Griesbach.

We should also take a moment here to recognize the true victim of the situation. Even if Avery was framed or if the Manitowoc investigators are being falsely accused of planting evidence, Halbach is the real victim.

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What do you think of Colborn’s statements?

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