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Zendaya’s really not worried about her parent’s divorce news

Zendaya’s parents are divorcing, and the actress, who’s recently been cast in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming, would like everyone to know that although media outlets think this is breaking news, it actually isn’t.

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According to TMZ, Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer filed for divorce from husband Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, who is also Zendaya’s manager, after eight years of marriage, but won’t be pursuing a settlement of any kind. The two, according to Zendaya, haven’t been together for quite a while, but since the family is committed to their privacy, no announcement was made, especially since her parents remain close friends. While Zendaya is their only child together, she does have three half-sisters and two half-brothers — her father’s children from his first marriage.

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It is a pretty weird concept in Hollywood not to have the details of a messy divorce smeared all over internet for public consumption, but people have managed to get married quietly (Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher), so theoretically, it’s possible to get divorced in the same manner. Zendaya’s assertion that her parents’ separation is old news and that they’re still really tight is the total opposite of what we’ve come to expect from divorce, between famous people or not. It doesn’t always have to be ugly, and it doesn’t necessarily have to ruin relationships between kids and parents or between the people who are getting divorced. Zendaya is known for keeping things in her life real and down to earth and for telling people, the media in particular, what she thinks of how people are treated, especially in tender situations like this. Since her parents seem to have their priorities straight in regard to their relationship with one another and their kid, it’s funny to see the media flaring up about the existence of the divorce, treating it like it just happened and Zendaya’s been totally unaware of it this entire time. If there were ever any doubt that Zendaya’s in charge of herself, this tweet is further proof that you can’t come after her or her family without her fighting back.

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