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The Jon vs. Kate Gosselin he-said-she-said battle continues

Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, did not end their relationship on amicable terms, and Kate’s recent interview with People magazine proves it.

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During the interview, Kate claimed that Jon had changed overnight and she expressed her disappointment that he was no longer willing to be in the relationship for the long haul. She also strongly implied that Jon had been an absentee father, having not seen some of his children for years — a claim that was echoed by his daughter, Mady Gosselin, in her own interview with People magazine.

“Here’s how I feel about this… this year I’m going to turn 16. I’m going to be learning to drive, taking the PSATs, thinking about college… so much is going on in my life,” Mady told the publication. “And the last thing I have time for is a toxic relationship.”

But a source reportedly wants Jon’s side of the story to be heard, claiming in a new interview with InTouch Weekly that Kate only stayed married to him for fame and money.

Kate wanted fame and fortune at any cost,” the source told the publication about the status of the couple’s crumbling marriage in 2009. The source continued to make claims that TLC and Kate had agreed to keep the marriage intact in order for the show to go on, however, Jon was not willing to sign a contract to stay married for two more years — even though he would have reportedly been $2 million richer had he done so.

“Jon was told they could have an open marriage behind the scenes but he refused. He didn’t want to have a fake marriage for a TV show,” the source claims.

Jon seems to agree with these claims, telling the publication that his wife “was willing to do it back then to stay relevant, and she’s still doing it now,” adding, “That interview is filled with lies. I’m a regular dad trying to spend as much time with my kids as possible.”

Jon also wanted to clear the air on the status of his relationship with his children, telling the publication that he is a good father and sees most of his children every Tuesday and every other weekend. He said, “I love all of my children and hope they all know I’m there for them unconditionally. I’m a good dad.”

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Things in the Gosselin household are very complicated, and it’s sad that they’ve decided to speak about their issues to the media instead of dealing with it behind closed doors. But we hope in the future that Kate and Jon can put their differences aside and focus on being civil toward each other, at least for their children’s sake.

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