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Forget Bachelor in Paradise news, Nick Viall is the next Bachelor

Nick Viall will finally be making it to the finale of a show!

And maybe even propose, because… wait for it… he’s the next Bachelor!

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That’s right, Viall has been chosen as your Season 21 Bachelor, which means ABC had better get ready for a serious influx of eligible ladies breaking out their pens and application forms stat.

Hell, I’m not even an eligible lady, and I have the urge to apply.

If anyone deserves love in the history of Bachelor Nation, it’s Nick Viall. After Paradise announced Viall’s new title on Tuesday night after the show.

Viall admitted that he was “nervous,” and he has every right to feel a little apprehensive.

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The poor guy has made it to the final two on two seasons of The Bachelorette now. First was Season 10’s Andi Dorfman, and then Kaitlyn Bristowe in Season 11. Both times he was ready and excited to propose. Both times he left as the heartbroken runner-up.

This year, he returned to Bachelor Nation on Bachelor in Paradise, where he is dating Jen Saviano on the show. I guess we can go ahead and assume that’s not going to work out, right? Maybe she’ll show up on The Bachelor and ask for a second chance? Now that would be good TV.

Although, there has been speculation since the start of Bachelor in Paradise that the only reason Viall decided to join the show was so he could become relevant again in the world of Bachelor Nation and vie for the head position as the next Bachelor. I mean, if that was his plan, it seriously worked. And he’s a crafty MOFO who should consider a career in politics.

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There are some people who are upset by Viall’s Bachelor title (*cough* Chad…).

Surprisingly Josh Murray wasn’t among the haters despite the bad blood between him and Viall.

I personally can’t wait to see Viall’s journey to love unfold.

Do you think Nick Viall is the right choice for The Bachelor Season 21?

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