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Worried about Jesus after that wild The Fosters cliffhanger? You should be

Warning: The following article contains spoilers from The Fosters summer finale, which aired on Aug. 29.

Oh my, my. The Fosters‘ cliffhanger of a summer finale was a doozy and left everyone hyper-worried about multiple favorite characters. Jude is in the throes of adolescent rebellion, Mariana is quickly spinning out, Callie has gotten into quite the little pickle with a possible murderer, and Brandon, well, we’re not as worried about Brandon as we are disappointed in him.

And then there’s Jesus. Of all the Adams-Foster kids who are in trouble right now, our fear is the greatest for Jesus. In fact, we’re downright worried sick.

That nasty punch Jesus took straight to his face would be enough to cause serious injury to anyone, but for Jesus — who is at a high risk for seizures — the hit is potentially fatal.

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We’d love to tell all of you Jesus fans not to worry too much about him, but after hearing The Fosters executive producer Peter Paige’s comments about who he feels the most worry for after the midseason finale, well, we can’t.

“I, personally, think the person in the most danger is Jesus, who had this traumatic head injury a few episodes ago and finds himself re-traumatized in what could be a really, profoundly life-changing way,” Paige recently said to TV Line.

The term “life-changing” certainly doesn’t sound good when associated with a brain injury, so Paige’s take on the situation is leaving us even more on edge.

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However, he did say something that gives us a little bit of hope that though Jesus maybe be forever changed, at least he will live to see the rest of the season.

“When Jake [T. Austin, who previously played Jesus] left the show, that was a possibility,” Paige said when asked if they had ever thought about killing off a main character on the show. “We talked about whether we should kill Jesus. But the truth is I don’t know if any of us can bear to watch that show. The show is hard and challenging and sad, but there’s also a lot of joy and happiness and humor woven through it. When you get to something that heavy, it really can overwhelm everything else. I don’t know how, for 10 full episodes, you just watch — particularly our mothers — grieving something that awful.”

It makes us feel a little safer knowing that production is just as afraid of losing a member of the Adams-Foster clan as we are — but let’s be real here — it’s TV and drama reigns supreme. Something tells us death isn’t out of the question.

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What do you think will happen with Jesus when The Fosters returns?

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