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Kim Zolciak fans have officially had enough of her product selfies

Kim Zolciak is passionate about sharing her life with others: From the tender moments shared with her family to her diet secrets and plastic surgery, Zolciak readily takes to social media to share these things with her devoted followers.

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And on Monday she took to Instagram to share her love of waist trainers with her 2.1 million followers. Posing for a selfie, Zolciak can be seen wearing a white waist trainer over an otherwise all-black outfit. She captioned the post with a promotional plug for the product, writing, “Need an undergarment? Follow @INSTACURVE_ I can’t get over how comfy this shaper is & it gives me great back support #ILoveit just purchased a few more so I can rotate them.” She then shared a discount code with fans, along with several hashtags, including “#Kimapprove.” The problem is, some fans really don’t.

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“You are totally ridiculous…I’m Un following u,” kerper511 commented. Donnamae76 wrote, “Yeahhhh you do plastic surgery though…..” And samandleo28 accused Zolciak of being fake: “She is all fake!! She use to be pretty not any more #sorrynotsorry.”

There also appears to be a lot of concern for the safety of waist trainers, with fans telling Zolciak that “Those aren’t supposed to be good for your internal organs” and “…Listen to Dr Oz! You are crunching all your organs together and that is dangerous! Hubby loves you the way you are!”

However, the most surprising comments are from those who are calling out Zolciak for the time she puts into looking the way she does.

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“Do you ever think of something else other then your body etc. Crazy,” bazaz47 commented. Blondd221 was equally unhappy with the post, writing, “You are beautiful without that….be real your fans and followers like a real women!”

While ivonnevillagra13 simply wrote, “Insane.”

We get it — it can be tiring seeing celebs constantly promote products on social media, but for many, a large portion of their income comes from creating promotional posts like this. We can’t really bash them for wanting to make a living. But making comments about Zolciak’s appearance is crossing the line, as no one is forcing anyone to visit her page and see her posts, and Zolciak is not asking for anyone’s opinion on her body (which, can we remind everyone, she has the choice to do with it what she wants?).

Are fans being unfair about Kim Zolciak’s new picture, or do you think she should post less about her body? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Kim Zolciak slideshow

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