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Christina Grimmie is in a movie, and yes, the trailer is hard to watch

Christina Grimmie had a bright future, and big things were happening for her, including a role in the romantic comedy The Matchbreaker.

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The trailer for the upcoming movie, which will be in theaters on Oct. 7, was released last week. And knowing that this will be Grimmie’s first and only movie role makes it hard to watch — the singer was tragically gunned down in June.

The film follows the story of Ethan (played by Wesley Elder), who helps parents get rid of their child’s less-than-perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. Ethan eventually comes face-to-face with his childhood crush, Emily (played by Grimmie). The focus then shifts to Ethan and Emily’s relationship, as they grow closer and his dreams of having the woman he’s loved since third grade slowly become a reality (with a few hiccups on the way, of course).

Grimmie looks beautiful in The Matchbreaker trailer, but her vocals are also on full display, and the film features music by her. But fans are feeling pretty overwhelmed by emotion after watching the teaser for the upcoming film.

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Comments on the post include one from CeciSweetie, who wrote, “I am so grateful this exists. I’m so glad that Christina was in this movie and it was completed before her life unfortunately ended. I wish she was here. She’d probably make a video discussing this movie and show us all the bloopers. I wish there was YouTube up in Heaven. She could have kept us updated and tell us it’s okay. She’s safe now. Rest in peace, beautiful.”

Maks Hauryk echoed these sentiments, writing, “I am so grateful for this movie all creators! Just a big thank you for the opportunity to once again see Christina Grimmie!”

Commenter Spizdi Stran also paid tribute to Grimmie: “Can’t wait to see this!! 2 things to look forward to, seeing this movie and then hearing Christina’s beautiful voice again in a new album probably in December.”

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Are you excited about the film, and do you find the trailer hard to watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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