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Dear Bachelor in Paradise‘s Grant, I don’t get your relationship with Lace

I’m just going to go ahead and be honest here: I am so confused by the Grant Kemp and Lace Morris relationship on Bachelor in Paradise.

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Grant seems like such a man. He talks rationally to Lace. He treats her well. He wants to listen and understand her. He knows what it is to love a woman.

And Lace? Lace just seems to want to take shots and flirt.

I don’t think she is ready for love or a committed relationship, which is why she’s flirting with other guys in the house without concern for Grant’s feelings.

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Couples are always going to have little spats, I get it, but their fight on tonight’s episode was just so strange to me. Grant had every reason to be upset with Lace for flirting with other guys in the house. If the person I was in love with was doing that, I would have been just as hurt. Yet he ended up being the one who apologized for… wait for it… overreacting. Overreacting?!

And how did Lace respond? She apologized, too, sure, and then said she wanted a shot.

I am actually genuinely concerned that this girl may actually have an alcohol problem. And she definitely has an emotional problem. Remember, she’s the girl from Ben Higgins’ season who chewed Ben out when he apparently didn’t make eye contact with her.

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This whole relationship just has me scratching my head even more because — spoiler alert — Reality Steve is reporting that these two will end the season by getting engaged.

Apparently, the two of them are so into one another post-Paradise that Lace even got a tattoo that says “Grace” — their “couple” name — on her wrist.

So maybe we chalk this one up to the fact that opposites attract?

Do you think Lace and Grant have what it takes to make it last after Paradise or are they ultimately headed for disaster?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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