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Something smells off about this whole Mohamed Hadid & Joanna Krupa rumor

Remember when Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump were friends? It’s been over between those two for a while, but things just flared up again (although, arguably, they were never not flaring) when Glanville accused Yolanda Foster’s ex, Mohamed Hadid, of having an affair with former The Real Housewives of Miami cast member Joanna Krupa while the Hadids were still married. Glanville claimed Hadid and Vanderpump told her about the affair, which allegedly lasted two years, and also that Hadid described Krupa’s genitals as being “smelly.”

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There are just so many things to get mad at here if you’re Vanderpump and Hadid: the affair that apparently happened, but which Hadid claims didn’t, the gossip about the smell of Krupa’s genitals, getting dragged into the court battle that’s already happening between Glanville and Krupa, and the fact that even when you’re not on a TV show with Glanville anymore, you still have to deal with her. Krupa, who’s suing Glanville for slander and emotional distress, recently filed an amendment to her complaints, after Hadid, Vanderpump and Foster all said that Glanville’s allegations were false.

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Yikes. Glanville was known to be a huge fire-starter in the RHOBH universe; it’s one of the reasons she and Vanderpump aren’t friends anymore. If you want to keep something a secret, not telling Glanville is pretty much the first, and the most enduring, rule. Vanderpump and Hadid have been close friends for more than a decade, and it seems unlikely that they would share something like the details of an affair with Glanville, especially a (gross and inappropriate) detail like the odor of genitals. The most damning part of this, though, is Foster’s affirmation that her marriage to Hadid didn’t end because of an affair with Krupa. Do these four have some kind of pact? Did the affair actually never happen? Why does Glanville care so much about something that might have never happened? She has accused Krupa of suing her in order to keep herself relevant, but the same thing looks like it might be happening on Glanville’s end as well.

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Do you think Brandi’s lying about what Mohamed and Lisa told her? Tell us in the comments!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Brandi Glanville through the years slideshow
Image: Brandi Glanville/Facebook

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