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Kelly Dodd is making one painfully bad decision after the next on RHOC

Every season on RHOC, there’s at least one big scene that’s revisited over and over again, until everybody is completely sick and tired of it. This season, I think that the big moment we’re never going to hear the end of is Sushigate, at which Kelly Dodd shouted one of the worst obscenities imaginable at Shannon Beador. The ordinarily calm Heather Dubrow then lashed out and told Dodd to leave.

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Supposedly eager to make amends tonight, Dodd decided to reach out. Her method for doing so was a bit problematic, however. Sorry, Kelly — a text apology just isn’t good enough after you completely destroy what otherwise would just be a moderately melodramatic party. And a text apology is even worse when it’s immediately followed up with a bad impression of the recipient. That’s right; Dodd decided to show just how sorry she was by continuing to make fun of Dubrow.

Heather Dubrow
Image: Bravo

Eventually, Dodd decided to own up to her bad behavior. She actually managed to meet up with a few of the Housewives and utter a few words of apology, although it was hard to make out the apology in the midst of so many excuses.

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A lot of people have been accusing Dubrow of making the kerfuffle involving Dodd all about her, but I think that in doing so, they fail to see the forest for the trees. The real issue is that Dodd is completely out of control. Unfortunately, her behavior at the dinner and in its aftermath was just one example of what has been a disturbing trend all season long — a trend that is only bound to get worse, based on what the rumor mill is saying about filming for the remainder of the season.

Kelly Dodd
Image: Bravo

Dodd is a terrific villain, but she makes me mighty uncomfortable at times. Her insults are unwarranted, especially considering how little she knows these women. They’re also needlessly vicious. And then there’s the atrocious use of the English language. I can’t be the only person who cringed upon hearing her retort, “You don’t act like a hierarchy than me.”

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Bad language or not, I’m definitely not a fan of Kelly Dodd. Can she clean up her act? Only time will tell.

What did you think of Kelly Dodd’s apology on RHOC? Comment and share your opinion below.

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