How has Blac Chyna not deleted her homophobic tweets by now?

Blac Chyna has been sitting on a situation with full potential to be a total PR nightmare for quite some time, but clearly she isn’t sweating it, because she’s had more than one bigoted post hanging out on Twitter for all to see for over six years.

Back in March 2010, Chyna tweeted out a simple, seemingly unprovoked “I hate f**s !!” Eight months later, in November 2010, she posted something similar: “Subliminal tweets is for f**s…”

Without any context, we’re not even sure what the tweets mean or why they were posted. What we are sure of is they are gross and hateful.

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SheKnows isn’t the first outlet to report on the tweets, but for some reason there hasn’t been a huge public outcry against them. Here we are in 2016 with Chyna’s tweets still posted in all their homophobic glory, while she tapes her new show and continues to grow her fame as a reality star.

Unlike other celebs, Chyna doesn’t seem to be getting much backlash about her statements. When Jonah Hill yelled a slur at a paparazzo, he quickly apologized and was obviously embarrassed about his behavior. Iggy Azalea got raked over the coals for her homophobic tweets, as did Chris Brown (just to name a few), but no one seems to care about Chyna’s words.

And what does it mean that Chyna hasn’t even bothered to delete the tweets? Her tweet history is nothing to be proud of, but she’s not taking it down — even after she got engaged to Rob Kardashian and followers were blowing up her mentions, advising her to erase the offending tweets so they wouldn’t get picked up by the press. At this point, it almost seems like she’s proud of what she posted.

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How can we even think about discussing her recent nude maternity photoshoot for Paper magazine or petty stuff like her massive food delivery bill without first asking why she has yet to address her homophobic posts?

What do you think of Blac Chyna’s tweets?

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