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10 roles that made me fall in love with Rob Lowe all over again

This Labor Day, Comedy Central is televising a roast of Rob Lowe. Participants in the roast include Peyton Manning, David Spade, Jewel and another ’80s heartthrob, the original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio. Rob Lowe was swoon-worthy when I was a teenager and has remained so throughout his career. Even as a mature mother of three, it’s clear that I still have a major crush on him.

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What made me fall for Rob Lowe? It is these 10 memorable roles in movie and television

The Outsiders (1983) 


Lowe plays Sodapop Curtis, the middle brother in the Curtis clan. Lowe’s role in this movie is small, but he is so cute — especially in that brief moment where he is walking out of the shower.

St. Elmo’s Fire (1985)


He plays Billy Hixx, a saxophone-playing stud. Yes, he is bad boy, but one with a heart of gold. And when he and shy Meg get together…

About Last Night (1986)


This is still one of my favorite comedies, and I never turn it off if it is on when I am flipping channels. Lowe plays Danny Martin, and his chemistry with Debbie (played by my teenage girl crush Demi Moore) is movie magic.

The Oscars (1989)
I remember lying on the couch in my apartment watching Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White and thinking, “What the heck is he doing?” I am pretty sure he thought the same thing. But hey, even a heartthrob like Rob is entitled to a few missteps. It didn’t make me love him any less.

Bad Influence (1990)

Lowe plays Alex and it’s not one of my favorites of his movies. I think I was just happy to see his cute face back on screen after the Oscars disaster.


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Wayne’s World (1992)

This is the first time I found out that Lowe was not only adorable but also very funny. He is terrific as sleazy TV producer Benjamin Oliver.


West Wing (1999-2006)

Sam Seaborn is another one of my favorite Lowe characters. This smart, sexy speech writer and his interaction with the well-casted cabinet made me interested in politics.


Brothers & Sisters (2006-2010)

As a young adult, I wanted to date Lowe’s character in About Last Night. But it’s his role as Robert McCallister that I saw his potential as husband. Loved him and Calista Flockhart together and (spoiler alert) when Robert meets his tragic end.


The Grinder (2015-2016)

I even liked The Grinder. I was so happy when I heard Rob Lowe was coming back to weekly TV. And even though the show was not the best, I did love watching Lowe as Dean Sanderson and another former crush Fred Savage (from The Wonder Years) playing brothers. Apparently, I was in the minority as it was canceled after one season.


Direct TV commercials

Yep, I am including his role as Rob Lowe and ”Other” Rob Lowes. My husband says Rob Lowe could read the phone book and I would find him adorable. And these commercials prove my husband is right.


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