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After some research, we may know what Nick & Joe Jonas’ tattoos mean

Clearly, there isn’t a feud going on between Nick and Joe Jonas. Not anymore, at least.

The two brothers spent their time before the VMAs white carpet today getting matching tattoos — because why not show off that brotherly love with a permanent symbol on your body?

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Nick Snapchatted the entire experience of the two getting inked.

Nick and Joe Jonas get new tattoos
Image: Nick Jonas/Snapchat

The brothers chose to get arrows on the backs of their arms so when they stand back to back, the arrows point at one another. Is that like an “I got your back” kinda thing?

Nick and Joe Jonas show off matching tattoos
Image: Nick Jonas/Snapchat

Though the two haven’t yet spoken out publicly about the reason they chose arrows, the interwebs have given us some clues about possible meanings behind the symbol.

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According to Bustle, an arrow is typically considered a Native American symbol and could have many different meanings depending on where and how it is placed.

A solitary arrow, which is what the Jonas brothers opted for, “represents defense and protection from harm. It can also be used as a symbol of movement or direction.”

Nick and Joe’s arrows also don’t have any feathers or decorations, suggesting the arrow is more about signifying direction.

Tattoo SEO also reports an arrow may signify love — as in Cupid’s arrow. Could it be brotherly love in this case?

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Though Nick felt snubbed when his song “Close” didn’t get any VMAs love this year, it clearly hasn’t affected his relationship with Joe, who is nominated for Best New Artist along with the rest of his group DNCE. Nick also wasn’t completely left out of the show; he’s performing tonight with Ty Dolla $ign.

Are you rooting for DNCE to win tonight at the VMAs, or are you more excited to see Nick perform?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Nick Jonas slideshow
Image: Apega/WENN

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