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Drake’s gift to Rihanna for her VMA award proves he’s gaga over her

If you like someone, you send them a bouquet of flowers to congratulate them on a big achievement. If you love someone, your relationship has already been established and you have money to burn, you might buy them a ridiculously expensive car they don’t need (assuming you are Tyga and the recipient of said car is Kylie Jenner). But when you’re still trying to get the girl of your dreams, you pull a Drake and gift Rihanna the most swoon-worthy, creative token of your admiration and respect: a huge billboard congratulating her on receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this weekend’s MTV VMAs in New York.

Drake and Rihanna have been romantically linked on and off for years now, and the singer obviously respects the heck out of RiRi. At a recent concert in which they performed together, Drake went as far as calling her the “most beautiful, talented” woman he’s ever known. Even Rihanna, who comes off as super chill when it comes to her love conquests and seems to be keen on focusing her energy on her work, couldn’t hide her excitement on Instagram when she saw Drake’s billboard tribute.

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If your first thought is that they should just get married already — or, at the very least, admit they’re dating — you’re not alone. Lots of RiRi fans begged her to give the Canadian star another chance at love (assuming they aren’t already dating) because people don’t just go and gift you with billboards every day of the week. This man has Rihanna on the brain, and he hasn’t exactly been hiding his feelings for her.

Before we get on Rihanna’s case, we should remember that, according to gossip mags, she isn’t necessarily being cold to Drake because she isn’t interested in him. She is, perhaps, being smart and cautious because, if the rumors are to be believed, Drake had a bit of a wild period with other women while they dated or afterward, and Rihanna has no time for that. Or maybe, just maybe, Drake and Rihanna are capable of being BFFs and nothing more.

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Whether she decides to date Drake or not, Rihanna is killing it on her own. She is set to perform live at the VMAs at Madison Square Garden before accepting the prestigious award for her “decade-long impact on music, pop culture, fashion, film and philanthropy,” according to MTV.

Can you blame Drake for wanting to give Rihanna the most public shout-out imaginable?

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