Kylie Jenner comes clean about why it looks like she got a boob job

There are always two burning questions running through the minds of Kylie Jenner fans at all times: When will she restock her lip kits? And exactly which of her body parts have been enhanced by a skilled Beverly Hills plastic surgeon? While Jenner admitted (after dodging the question several times) that she has been getting lip injections to boost her pout, Kylie’s bigger breasts are also constantly under scrutiny. Could they, honestly, be the result of the most miraculous growth spurt anyone has ever had? Or has she gone under the knife?

Jenner has decided to address the rumors with a series of hilarious tweets that may still leave you thinking “Hmm… seriously?”

So, the boob job accusations started flying once again after Jenner posted this hot photo on Instagram:

I’m not in any position to comment on whether Jenner has or has not had a breast augmentation, but I will say that ribbed sweaters can do wonders for enhancing the bust and making it look like you have a lot more going on up there. With that said, though, Jenner has appeared in countless swimsuit photos prior to this and it’s obvious that she just so happens to have cleavage and big breasts. But some people won’t be content until they feel like they’ve exposed whatever is the real truth behind Jenner’s stunning appearance — and the 19-year-old finally threw her hands up and tackled the rumors on Twitter.

First, she point-blank denied having surgery:

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Then she blamed her breasts on Mother Nature:

And, finally, Jenner vowed that her own personal deflategate is just days away: 

Honestly, can we stop this now? How can it be healthy to encourage Jenner to subtly apologize to people for having breasts by promising they’ll go away soon?

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Some women really do experience breast swelling before and during their periods. Other women get breast surgery, undergo cosmetic procedures like vampire breast lifts or stock up on truly great, cleavage-enhancing bras.

What difference does it make?

If we feel good about our own bodies, we don’t feel the need to use our detective skills to suss out whether Jenner is “lying” to the world about her experiences with plastic surgery. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about what she has or hasn’t done to her body. She has given us beautiful lip kits — the only thing she “owes” us is the hours of our lives we’ve spent waking up early enough to purchase Dolce K before it sells out again (for the millionth time).

I’m kidding. Really, guys, she owes us nothing.