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Maci Bookout isn’t the only one who got super-emotional over her engagement

Not every kid is super-stoked to get a new stepparent, but Teen Mom‘s Maci Bookout is fortunate enough to be in a situation in which her kid is over the moon about becoming a stepson.

In a recent interview with MTV, Bookout revealed that her oldest child, Bentley, reacted to the news of her engagement to long-time love, Taylor McKinney, with nothing but pure elation and relief.

“On the day that we got engaged, I wasn’t surprised that Bentley was excited, but I was kind of shocked that he was so emotional about it,” Bookout told MTV, via Us Weekly. “Like, it was a weight that was lifted off of his shoulders, which, at the time, made me kind of sad — but then again, I was super-excited that he was so excited about it.”

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Bookout may have been surprised that Bentley was so verklempt because of McKinney’s proposal, but she thinks she understands where his emotion was coming from.

“Bentley can be a lot like me and hold his emotions in and not really speak about them, so I think it was kind of a hidden emotion that he had had and a stress that he had had,” Bookout said. “You know, when is he going to have a stepdad or a father figure that’s actually going to be there forever? And I know he wanted that to be Taylor. I just don’t think I ever really thought about the fact that he had been keeping that all in kinda the same way I was.”

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It’s also totally possible that Bentley is just very connected to his mother and knew that she was anxious about McKinney asking to make things official — so his reaction was one of happiness, knowing that his mother is getting what she deserves. So sweet.

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