Judge who ruled against Kesha had a huge conflict of interest with the case

After a lot of victim-blaming and other ugliness, it looks like the tide might be turning for Kesha in regard to her sexual-abuse lawsuit against producer and record executive Dr. Luke. The New York judge who ruled in April that the singer couldn’t record outside of her contract with Dr. Luke is married to an attorney who works at a firm that includes Sony as a client.

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What does that mean for Kesha, who was counter-sued by Dr. Luke for defamation and breach of contract? In short, judges aren’t supposed to rule in cases in which they have actual or potential financial stake in the outcome, and being married to a lawyer who works for Sony, which houses Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, totally counts as a conflict of interest. We don’t yet know if Kesha’s legal team plans to attempt to have the legal rulings thrown out, but at least now they have grounds on which to do so. The whole case could get a do-over, which would include a new judge. While the prospect of starting from scratch legally sounds exhausting, it would be great to see Kesha and her lawyers have another chance at getting her out of her contract and away from Dr. Luke.

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The ruling in New York legally bound the singer in her contract with Dr. Luke, which required her to make as many as six records and prompted the FreeKesha hashtag to trend on Twitter. Kesha dropped her lawsuit in California in order to get out of the deal she made with Sony at age 18, and recorded 28 songs, the expenses of which she incurred, in an effort to work quickly toward fulfilling her contractual obligation. Her first show post-lawsuit took place in Atlantic City on Aug. 6, and she’s now touring with The Creepies, after announcing that she’d be performing this summer in a variety of intimate venues across the country.

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