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Let’s talk about the feud that may be brewing between Nick & Joe Jonas

Over the years, boy bands have come and gone. But (luckily for us) the stars within them haven’t faded so quickly. Between Justin Timberlake’s booming career post-‘NSYNC and Zayn Malik’s hit album following his departure from One Direction, fangirls can keep some level of hope after a split. And if you were a Jonas Brothers fan, you know that both Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are following in those footsteps with their latest musical endeavors. But with the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards just around the corner, a fun-loving Jonas Brothers reunion may not be what JoBro fans are in for. In fact, in light of the VMA nominations, fans of the former boy band may be witnessing the unspoken sibling rivalry of the decade. This is an S.O.S.

Now, let me start off by saying that the guys have nothing but love and support for one another. With the help of social media, both men have been known to share each other’s new music — including Nick Jonas’ self-titled debut solo album and Joe Jonas’ hit EP with his new band, DNCE. However, when it comes to the VMA Awards, everything might not be what it seems. With 2016 nominations appearing to snub Nick Jonas‘ multiple music videos (including “Close” and “Under You”) and DNCE scoring a nomination for Best New Artist, hard feelings are totally possible. Especially since Nick Jonas was sure to immediately take to Twitter to express his disappointment over his lack of nominations.

Even if he was quick to try to cover it up.

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And while, yes, Nick Jonas is allowed to be disappointed because of his own let-downs and still be happy for his brother, it’s also hard to shake the fact that one of them was nominated and not the other. This is the first time that both of the men were eligible for VMAs at the same time while facing different outcomes. And while Nick Jonas scored a VMA nomination for “Chains” in 2015, you just know that’s got to hurt. In fact, I’m going to be keeping my eyes on Nick Jonas if Joe Jonas does go up on stage to receive the award. Since with the Jonas Brothers’ only receiving two MTV VMA nominations in 2008 for their music video for “Burnin’ Up,” neither man has actually held an MTV Video Music Award. Allowing for Joe Jonas to possibly check off Nick’s last career box before his younger brother does.

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However, this doesn’t mean that hard feelings could only exist from Nick Jonas toward Joe and his latest band. Nick Jonas could also easily steal the spotlight at the MTV Video Music Awards with his scheduled performance of the song “Bacon” with Ty Dolla $ign. And with the lack of a nomination in mind, Nick is not holding back his performance promotion. Leaving the alternative chance that Nick Jonas will wow the crowd and Joe Jonas will go home empty-handed. Just thinking about all of this is giving my 15-year-old self some serious heart palpitations.

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So keep your eyes peeled for those reaction shots of Nick and Joe in the crowd and hope for the best. This year’s VMAs is all about the future of the Jonas Brothers. And it all goes down live Sunday, Aug. 28 at 9/8c on MTV.

Do you think there will be bad blood between the brothers?

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