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Lindsay Lohan’s critics need to take a good, hard look in the mirror

No one really knows what’s happening behind the scenes with Lindsay Lohan and her former fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, but regardless of her current relationship status, she appears to be in a good place right now — at least that’s the impression her new photo gives us.

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Lohan took to Instagram earlier this week to share a snap of herself sporting a black swimsuit as she posed on an outdoor couch. And while she gave no clues about where she currently is in the caption of the post (instead opting to leave it blank) we have to say that judging from this picture, Lohan looks happy and relaxed — and (some) fans agree.
“She’s Back #goals,” _mddf gushed.

“Wow! Gorgeous @lindsaylohan I love you and will always support u. Bless u!” looedu commented. And hautecinema agreed that it was a beautiful photo, writing, “Gorgeous picture….almost makes you forget about the negative energy people here at the moment are wasting on you @lindsaylohan.”

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We’re happy to see that Lohan’s been taking some time for herself and she’s hopefully been processing the drama that occurred last month (when she accused Tarabasov of cheating on her, as well as being physically abusive during an altercation). However, the comment section has also been filled with negative comments about Lohan, with critics blasting her for Photoshopping her picture, as well as harsh comments about the “bruises” on her legs.

“Legs are all bruised up, just like her life,” nepenthe commented. Chuckd682 was also particularly nasty in their comments, writing, “I am so glad this was photoshopped. i couldn’t imagine how horrible it was look without it. those welts on your legs are cringe worthy even after being covered up.”

“Her legs look terrible! Looks like some clumsy kids legs,” wendiharvey75 wrote. Catira_vill shared similar sentiments, writing, “Look at all the scraches [sic] in her legs. She shoots up or something.”

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Some people are so nasty! Keep taking care of yourself, Lindsay, because we love when you’re happy and healthy.

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