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Rio really wants to make Ryan Lochte pay

In the blink of an eye, Ryan Lochte went from gold medal-winning swimmer to the scourge of the 2016 summer Olympics.

After concocting an elaborate and strange lie about being robbed during a night out partying with his teammates, Lochte quickly hopped on a plane and bailed back to the United States in an effort to outrun the Brazilian authorities who wanted to question him for his part in the night of debauchery.

But now, Lochte’s learning that it’s not going to be so easy to skirt the Rio police.

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Lochte will be officially summoned by officials for what turned out to be a case of the swimmers committing vandalism, as opposed to being robbed, says NBC. Brazilian police are said to be closing their investigation in the criminal case this week and will then hand it over to Rio’s public prosecutor, according to Detective Clemente Braune, via NBC News.

According to Brazilian news source G1, Lochte can be facing 1-6 months in prison for the false communication of a crime. However, if Lochte does not honor his summons, the case will go on without him and he cannot be sentenced.

Clearly Rio wants Lochte to pay the piper for making the city look bad and shifting the focus away from hard-working athletes who deserved the attention.

Someone else who thinks Lochte deserves to pay dearly? Al Roker.

Roker got quite heated during a segment of the Today show this week, saying,”He lied to you, he lied to Matt Lauer, he lied to his mom,” to cohost Billy Bush. “He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled. There was no robbery, there was no pull over. He lied.”

Lochte has lost four major sponsors (Speedo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gentle Hair Removal and mattress maker Airweave) in the wake of the scandal, but he did pick up a sweet gig on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars, according to USA Today.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Olympics best moments slideshow
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