New NCIS agents are exciting and all, but it’s time for McGee to shine

After 13 seasons, one of the most worthy NCIS agents is finally get a promotion. That’s right, NCIS Agent Timothy McGee will be a senior field agent once Season 14 begins, reports. Finally, right?

“He has taken over that mantle,” NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg told the outlet. “And with that comes tremendous responsibility.”

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He’s definitely worked hard to get where he is. If you think back all the way to Season 1, McGee was naive, inexperienced and getting picked on by both Tony and Kate. Now he is one of the most intelligent, successful and talented agents NCIS has. It really is about time for him to get promoted and become the team leader. Now that Tony is gone (it still hurts to write that), someone has to take over as top dog. Of course, Gibbs will always be the leader, but you know what I mean.

As much as McGee has come to the forefront over the years, he’s still been in the background somewhat. Here’s hoping the promotion means more McGee and a time for both him and Sean H. Murray to shine. It certainly seems like that’s going to happen, because also reports that McGee will indeed propose to Delilah in Season 14. No word on if she’ll say yes (why wouldn’t she?), but if she does, then a wedding will happen.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for a NCIS wedding to happen. So when McGee pops the question, that means a proposal, an engagement (because she will say yes) and a wedding will all happen in Season 14. Who’s at the front and center of it all? McGee, which means he will absolutely be in the spotlight more. Oh, and whenever their wedding happens, that means Tony has to come back and be McGee’s best man, right? I know Michael Weatherly’s busy with his new CBS series Bull, but he’d better return.

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Whether or not he does, it’s good to see McGee getting treated well. There’s been so much talk about Tony and his departure. Furthermore, with the addition of Wilmer Valderrama, Jennifer Esposito and Duane Henry as series regulars in Season 14, they’ve been stealing headlines. Now it’s McGee’s turn.

Speaking of the new NCIS agents, Entertainment Weekly released a first look at Season 14 Thursday. Let me just say that Jennifer Esposito seems like she’s going to be a standout in the series as Alexandra “Alex” Quinn. She comes in like she’s the boss and can definitely hold her own with Gibbs. Her character has spunk and a great personality. It’s also about time Gibbs’ team added another female team member.

The teaser even gives fans a glimpse at Valderrama’s character, Nick Torres. Now, I could be reading into things here, but I feel a vibe happening between Nick and Emily Wickersham’s Ellie Bishop. Now that she and Jake have parted ways, Nick could be a new love interest.

Whatever happens, at least viewers can count on McGee stepping into a bigger role. I guess we all had better get used to calling him Very Special Agent Timothy McGee.

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NCIS returns Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8/7c on CBS.

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