Jennifer Lopez reportedly dumped her boyfriend because of a charity event

Aug 25, 2016 at 10:40 a.m. ET
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Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have broken up (again) but the reason for their split is a little bit absurd.

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According to TMZ, Lopez broke up with Smart because he refused to attend a charity event with her, instead, opting to hang out with his friends (and rubbing shoulders with Kanye West and Bruce Buffer) at UFC 202 last Saturday.

Sources connected to the couple reportedly told the site that Lopez really wanted Smart to accompany her to Ron Perelman's Hamptons fundraiser benefiting the Apollo Theater, and his presence would have meant a lot. Instead, Smart headed to Las Vegas to watch arguably the most anticipated UFC rematch ever: Nate Diaz versus Conor McGregor.

However, Lopez reportedly got so mad at Smart's decision that she called off their relationship, no discussion. The worst part is that Smart apparently had no idea that his decision to attend the fight would be the end of his relationship, and was telling people at the fight that he was meeting up with Lopez on Sunday in New York City, TMZ reports.

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I mean, we get it. Of course Lopez wanted her partner to choose her over a night with the boys, and she has every right to be upset that he didn't partake in something that was important to her, but the same can be said for Smart. What we're saying is that the reason for the breakup probably wasn't as black and white as this report makes it out to be because we doubt that Lopez would say goodbye to her boyfriend based on this one, isolated incident.

So, if the report about the couple breaking up is true, well, then maybe they had a lot of other issues that we don't know about. However, TMZ does note that their sources claim that Lopez and Smart have broken up and gotten back together on multiple occasions and that it's entirely possible that it will happen again.

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