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RHONY‘s LuAnn de Lesseps has shoot-the-messenger syndrome

Honestly, it was pretty frustrating to watch tonight’s season finale episode of The Real Housewives of New York, even though it was the episode that we were all waiting to see. Tonight we finally got to see LuAnn confront her fiancé, Tom, about the photos of him making out with some random woman at a bar in New York City. After an entire season of watching this guy sleaze his way through this group of women, I was personally looking forward to seeing him get taken down. Unfortunately, that’s not even a little bit what happened.

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Yes, LuAnn did confront Tom over the phone about the infidelity. Of course, Tom used the standard “I was drunk, I don’t remember… it won’t happen again” excuse and I gagged audibly at my television. I was waiting for her to drop the hammer and pawn that ring, but instead, she barely read him the riot act and ended up forgiving the entire thing. Sure, that’s her prerogative and if she is cool marrying a lying, cheating man-child then far be it for any of us to tell her she shouldn’t go ahead and marry him. The part of this whole thing that really grinds my gears is how LuAnn decided to treat her girlfriends following her reunion with Tom.

Immediately upon returning from the girls trip, Dorinda told Ramona that Tom and LuAnn called her and Tom basically tried to mafia-style force her to lie for him to the other girls. Yes, it’s exactly as weird and irrelevant as it sounds because the guy was caught on film and Dorinda refused to comply. So, he told Dorinda that if she wouldn’t cover for him then she wasn’t allowed to come to his wedding (ha!) or be friends with LuAnn anymore. This guy is a real prize. That is some seriously inexcusable behavior.

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As we know, it was Bethenny who originally received (from an unnamed friend) the photos of Tom cheating. She got all the facts she could and then she went to LuAnn about it. Bethenny was very clearly upset and was not relishing the moment at all. She did her due diligence and made sure it was true before going to LuAnn with anything at all, which seems pretty decent to me. Now that Tom has sunk his hooks back into LuAnn again, suddenly she is treating Bethenny like she did something wrong. I’m sorry, what?

Bethenny threw a random, lavish, Mexican-themed party (because, why not?) tonight and was discussing the fact that there was a piñata filled with $10,000 worth of jewelry (because, obviously) and LuAnn legitimately marched up to her and said, “If you don’t stop talking about me, I’m going to leave!” So, it was pretty clear that she was ready and raring to fight with some ladies right from the jump. I imagine Tom at home somewhere, rubbing his hands together in front of a giant machine called the “LuAnn’s Emotion Controller 3000” and slowly turning up a dial marked “shoot the messenger.” Soon she was going off on Bethenny about the amount of details she had about the cheating incident, like having details was actually a bad thing? I’m not sure where she was taking that argument and clearly she wasn’t either because she bailed without formulating even a semblance of a valid point.

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Unfortunately, it looks like Tom has LuAnn under his spell. Let’s just hope he can clean up his act and turn off the emotional manipulation if they actually go through with their planned New Year’s Eve wedding because it’s not cute.

Do you think LuAnn was too harsh on Bethenny tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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