Seriously, don’t worry — NCIS will be just fine without Michael Weatherly

Sure, most fans are still reeling from the loss of Michael Weatherly from NCIS over three months ago, but really, we promise it’s going to be OK. The legend of Tony DiNozzo will live on, and Gibbs, Abby, Jimmy and the rest of the crew will continue to kick ass and take names in Season 14.

In fact, Weatherly’s exit might be what the show needs to add a little pep in its step. Just ask Brian Dietzen, the man otherwise known as Jimmy Palmer.

“It’s interesting, because we obviously lost Michael Weatherly, and we’re so happy for him — [his new show Bull] is going to be on right after ours — and yet after 13 years, you go, ‘Wow, now we have a new injection of different energy,” Dietzen recently told TVLine.

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That new injection of energy comes in the form of Jennifer Esposito, who will play NCIS Special Agent Alex Quinn, and Wilmer Valderrama, who is set to bring NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres to life. Both agents will make their debuts in the first episode of Season 14 — but not before Gibbs goes through a plethora of agents unworthy of filling DiNozzo’s very big shoes.

“Gibbs has been trying — unsuccessfully — to find an agent to take over the empty desk [where DiNozzo sat],” showrunner Gary Glasberg told TVLine, and by the time Esposito’s Alex Quinn shows up to shake some sense into him, Gibbs “has burned through six of them.”

And even though DiNozzo’s special brand of energy will undoubtedly be missed by NCIS‘ loyal fans — as well as the cast and crew — Glasberg echoes Dietzen’s sentiments about the Season 14 shake-up being an exciting venture.

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“There’s something really fun coming up — we’ve rearranged things a bit,” Glasberg teased. “I think the fans are going to go a little crazy.”

What do you think? Are you excited about what’s to come for NCIS now that Weatherly has moved on?

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