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Leslie Jones is the most misunderstood and unfairly attacked star of 2016

Most days I get on the internet for work, expecting to see cat videos, funny tweets, cute memes — all the things the internet delivers every day that generally keep me amused while I do my job.

Today I got on the internet to see the most vile display of hate and ignorance I have ever witnessed in my life.

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Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones was the target of a despicable hack this week, in which her personal website was filled with nude photos stolen from her phone, as well as copies of her California driver’s license and her passport. This comes after Jones was horrifically harassed on Twitter by racist bullies, to the point that she had to ask Twitter to intervene as she left the social media platform to escape the hate.

Trolls have targeted her race and her looks — a common theme among the haters’ tweets was calling Jones an ape. Amid the storm of insults, Jones quit Twitter, saying she was living in a “personal hell.”

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Put yourself in Jones’ shoes for a minute. Imagine facing a relentless slew of insults and slurs, for no reason other than doing your job. And then, imagine that just as you’re thinking the hate has stopped, the world is invited to look at your naked body and your personal documents. I, for one, cannot even imagine the hell Jones must be living today. No one deserves this. The hate must stop.

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Whether or not you’re a fan of Jones, please recognize that no person deserves this level of hate and harassment. Join us in supporting Jones by tweeting #LoveForLeslieJones today.

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