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You want to talk about Tara Reid’s ‘skinny’ body? Sure, let’s do it

Tara Reid is at the end of her rope, and why shouldn’t she be? She’s been a national lightning rod for body-shaming for basically her entire adult life.

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In a new interview with In Touch, Reid opened up about all the hate she’s garnered over the years, and how she’s had to learn to just ignore it.

I feel great about my body,” she said. “People always tell me to eat a burger — I love burgers! If I were to gain 10 pounds, I’d be asked why I got fat. I’m thin — and I’m good with that.”

She continued, “People need to stop with the body-shaming! I won’t let what anyone says stop me from enjoying my life.”

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And she’s 100 percent right. Reid has a thin frame. We all get it. We’ve known that since her first on-screen appearance. But is she too thin? That’s not up to us to decide. Reid made a fantastic point about how if she gained weight, the haters would change sides and shame her for being fat. She nailed it — haters are gonna hate no matter what you do. In a perfect world, though, they’d STFU about people’s bodies.

Reid also talked about her reputation as a party girl, which she said is a little confusing sometimes.

“I like to have fun when I’m not working. But I’m professional while I’m at work, and I’ve never been in trouble or arrested, so I don’t deserve it,” she said about her rep. “I truly feel I need to constantly prove myself in this business. I’ve done 46 movies, and it’s still tough to get roles when you’re misunderstood and judged.”

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