After Bachelor in Paradise, Josh Murray & Nick Viall will never be friends

Aug 24, 2016 at 10:41 a.m. ET
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Arguably the most interesting storyline in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise was the feud between Nick Viall and Josh Murray (again), and the two men have shown that there's absolutely no love lost between them.

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Or is there? Because according to TMZ, Murray was trying to make things right with Viall after he (Murray) came off as the season's biggest villain for stealing away Amanda Stanton.

In case you missed it, Viall had been hooking up with Stanton and the pair looked pretty happy together (of course, we don't know what happened behind the scenes) only to have his happiness dashed when Murray arrived on the show and proceeded to woo Stanton in front of him.

But since Season 3 wrapped up, Murray has reportedly tried to phone Viall multiple times — but he's not returning his calls. Sources close to Bachelor in Paradise's production told TMZ that after they'd finished taping, Murray was alerted by several cast members that Viall had portrayed him as a villain for stealing away Stanton. And Murray, who was apparently a bit blindsided by the way Viall felt, tried to talk it out with him before the season even aired.

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Viall was clearly not willing to make up, and now sources close to Murray claim he thinks Viall was eager to use the "opportunity to play the role as a 'victim' and feels that he won over Amanda fairly."

There's also a key piece of information that producers reportedly cut from the show, which shows Murray asking the women if any of them were in a serious relationship, to which Stanton reportedly said no.

But could these two men ever move past their differences and at the very least be civil toward each other? Ugh, probably not, because sources also communicated to TMZ that after watching the season unfold, Murray no longer wants to reach out to Viall. In fact, he reportedly feels that he can never respect him.

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Wow. Just wow. I mean we're not surprised that these two aren't friends given their history, but their feud is getting a tad stale now, don't you think?

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