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That Pump Rules Easter egg on Mr. Robot was only a glimpse of what’s to come

You may think you know the ins and outs of Mr. Robot, but there may be one tidbit you’re unaware of. Did you know that Stephanie Corneliussen (Joanna Wellick) and Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules are best friends in real life? You might be wondering what this has to do with Joanna and the hit USA drama, but keep reading, because Corneliussen dropped some scoop about just that while chatting with SheKnows.

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If you recall, during the Season 2 premiere, a favorite Bravo reality series was on the TV while Joanna and her new man, Derek, were chatting. It was none other than Vanderpump Rules. What may surprise some viewers is that the filming out in front of Pump Rules was no accident but an Easter egg for dedicated viewers. See? You can’t overlook anything on Mr. Robot.

The fact that Corneliussen is close with one of the stars of Pump Rules, well… It’s no coincidence it was chosen to be the featured series on the TV during that exact scene with Joanna.

As Corneliussen explains, “Not this year, but last year, Katie bumped into Sam [Esmail], and she goes, ‘Oh my God, my best friend is on your show.’ He goes, ‘Who?’ And she goes, ‘Stephanie.'”

That was all Esmail, who just happens to be the creator of Mr. Robot, needed to then run to Corneliussen to get all the juicy details about her friend’s show.

“Then, Sam came and was grilling me the next day about everything that’s going on on Pump Rules. So I think it was that combined effort of us thinking that that would be such a fun Easter egg to have a Pump Rules appearance in the show. And it really was. The funny thing was, Joanna was not interested in Pump Rules, but Derek was.”
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Seeing as Esmail is so into Pump Rules, does this mean a crossover will occur? This is the type of series in which anything can happen, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Katie, Lisa Vanderpump or any of their Bravo co-stars popped up in an episode. If ALF (from the ’80s series of the same name) can score a cameo, why can’t they?

“I think that would be hilarious,” Corneliussen says of a possible crossover. If it doesn’t happen, Mr. Robot fans who also watch Pump Rules can definitely expect Corneliussen to make an appearance on the Bravo series when it returns for Season 5. “I don’t think Joanna would show up on Pump Rules, but I just attended Katie’s wedding — Katie and Tom Schwartz’s wedding — so I’ll be there. But, no Joanna, she wasn’t allowed, only to keep check on all the drama.”

As far out as a Pump Rules and Mr. Robot crossover sounds, it actually isn’t that far-fetched. I mean, this is Mr. Robot we’re talking about. Maybe Elliot will have another dream sequence/hallucination where he is a bartender at Sur and getting into a fight with Jax Taylor or, you know, just being totally chill with Giggy. Now that’s something I’d like to see.

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Mr. Robot airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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