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Farrah Abraham has a bad track record with relationships & she knows it

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran’s relationship was far from perfect, and during the Teen Mom OG‘s Season 6 premiere we were given a glimpse into what went wrong with the former couple’s romance.

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But at one point, Abraham must have thought that Saran was the man for her, even buying herself an engagement ring (which he was supposed to pay her back for and propose, neither of which happened), but it turned out they just weren’t a good match.

Fast-forward a few months and Abraham and Saran appear to be on relatively good terms, although their relationship has turned from romantic to platonic, something which Abraham touched on during an interview with Us Weekly.

“I don’t know if Simon and I really have the same outlook on life, and I think that is [not] a really good fit,” she explained. “And [there are] some other things in Simon that really hurt and frustrate me. So I don’t know if we are really connected. You spend so much time with someone, and it is not as close as you thought it was. And as a mom, [his behavior] is really hurtful, and I worked through that.”

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When it comes to relationships, Abraham hasn’t had much luck, and she admits that she’s been in quite a few “shit relationships;” but she doesn’t let her failed romances get her down. Actually, the way she views them as just adding “another layer to my cake really” is a rather inspiring outlook to have — because as we all know, we learn from our past mistakes and our failed relationships.

So, what’s next for Abraham with regard to the men in her life?

It turns out she’s actually not too worried about having a boyfriend, and while she admits to casually dating, there’s no one serious. Instead, she’s focused on her business pursuits, as well as managing her daughter Sophia’s budding career as a model.

Abraham may not be getting that fairy tale wedding or another diamond engagement ring anytime soon, but she seems perfectly happy without it, and really, why shouldn’t she be?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

farrah abraham and daughter slideshow
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