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Bachelor in Paradise‘s Jared Haibon is making a big mistake with Ashley I.

Why does Jared constantly put up with Ashley I.’s bullshit on Bachelor in Paradise? I’m sick of it, and thankfully — finally — so is Caila.

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I’m all for nice guys — forget the bad boys, and bring on Prince Charming. But Jared Haibon’s niceness has become a problem, because now Caila has to have the mean streak on his behalf. And Ashley I. shouldn’t be her problem to deal with. These girls used to be friends, after all.

Caila has finally decided that she’s laid claim to Jared, and she’s not standing for Ashley’s tears anymore. Again, more power to her. I understand that Ashley is really stuck on Jared, but that doesn’t give her the right to sabotage Jared’s chance at happiness every turn.

Jared should have asked Ashley to leave paradise.

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When she was whining about not wanting to be there, he shouldn’t have told her to stay. He should have told her to go home and move on. The guy needs to be that blunt, otherwise he’s continually giving Ashley fuel for her fire of lust.

Jared clearly can’t be the bad guy to Ashley. I don’t know if it’s because he really is just that nice of a guy or if he likes the attention, but she needs him to be a little more harsh. And I need him to be a little more harsh. He’s a classic example of not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, so he’s not saying what needs to be said. As a result, his relationship with Caila is suffering.

Because Jared can’t solve the problem on his own, Caila has to, which means she’s the bad guy when Jared should be the one to stand up. Either way, I’m glad someone is finally calling Ashley out. She shouldn’t be allowed to get away with her mean attitude. She shouldn’t have been allowed to stay in paradise in the first place.

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Girl needs to go home and get herself together — way far away from Jared.

Are you surprised at how much Jared let’s Ashley get away with?

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