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Grace VanderWaal’s song tactic on America’s Got Talent definitely worked

I began America’s Got Talent Season 11 as a huge Grace VanderWaal skeptic. I wasn’t just skeptical of VanderWaal; I took issue with the concept of singers in general on America’s Got Talent, as I felt (and still feel, to some extent) that they have plenty of other platforms on which they can share their craft.

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I still think singers are overrepresented this season, and I still think that a few outstanding acts have been shoved aside in favor of medicore singers. But VanderWaal definitely deserves to be onstage — and I’d like to see her in the finale.

Grace VanderWaal
Image: NBC

Why do I love VanderWaal so much? There are multiple factors at play. First and foremost, I think she’s an exceptionally talented young singer. Her voice is lovely. But I’ve seen a lot of good singers on this show, and while I enjoy their vocal power, I rarely want them to continue on in the competition. Why is VanderWaal different?

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The deciding factor is VanderWaal’s original music. A lot of artists sing covers, and while they’re amazing, there is something special about a preteen writing down her thoughts and feelings — and then bravely sharing them with the world. It makes me think of what Taylor Swift might have been like had she been on America’s Got Talent as a tween. Or rather, Taylor Swift with shorter hair and a ukulele. And instead of singing about boys, this little Taylor Swift would have to sing about sisterhood, which, in my opinion, is a far better topic for a song.

Grace VanderWaal
Image: NBC

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I’m certainly not the only person captivated by VanderWaal. She enjoys a huge following on Twitter. If the current hype is any indication, she has a real shot at being this year’s victor. Tonight, impressed America’s Got Talent viewers praised her vocal skill, her original lyrics and her general demeanor. A few did mention her nerves, and while it was evident that she was nervous, I actually thought that added to the whole charm of the act.

VanderWaal’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, and I am looking forward to seeing more from this rising star. The adage “never say never” must be true, because I certainly never thought I’d be this head over heels for an America’s Got Talent singer.

What do you think of Grace VanderWaal? Is she your favorite contestant of the season or are you hoping for a non-singer to win the competition? Comment and share your opinion below.

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