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Catelynn Lowell isn’t giving up on her battle with anxiety

Teen Mom OG Catelynn Lowell has had some rough knocks, but she’s not letting them keep her down.

Lowell, who sought in-patient treatment for anxiety and depression earlier this year, says that she’s definitely had some bumps in the road since exiting the rehab facility in April, but also credits treatment for greatly improving her life and helping her appreciate quality time with her daughter, Nova.

“I’ve only had two panic attacks since I’ve been out, and they’ve been very easy to manage, which is good,” Lowell recently told Us magazine. “And I’m just enjoying life. Taking Nova out right now and going to the beach and exploring. And starting to do things that I want to do. So it’s been good.

“It was amazing — I learned a lot about myself,” she said of her counseling. “They just gave me a lot of tools and a lot of the things that I needed… I definitely got out feeling more stable.”

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Although things are looking up, Lowell recognizes that her issues are an ongoing battle that could require a lifetime’s worth of work.

“It’s definitely just still a long road ahead,” she said. “Lots of therapy. Lots of finding out more about myself and digging deeper. And that’s only going to help the future, I think. So I’ve got to stay on that path and continue to keep doing that.”

You’ve gotta admire the girl’s bravery and fortitude.

Lowell also revealed that she and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, have discussed the possibility of more children in the future and she’s fully aware that another pregnancy could trigger a new bout with postpartum depression.

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“My counselor even said, ‘The next time that you’re pregnant, you make a plan,’”she told Us. “Make a plan, and you tell people, ‘If this happens again, I need this from you.’ You know? To help me through it. You just have to ask for the help and make a plan ahead of time. And it’s definitely scary, and it’s something to think, about but I know that it can be overcome.”

We’re rooting for Lowell — she’s totally got this.

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