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Shocker: Tamra Judge wipes her hands clean of the RHOC sushi party fiasco

Oh, Tamra Judge, we love you to pieces, but you’ve got to start owning up to when you insert yourself in everyone else’s business and make things more dramatic than they already are.

Judge’s latest blog addresses the shenanigans that went down at the pre-pregnancy party she threw for Meghan Edmonds that aired on last week’s episode, and — surprise, surprise — Judge pretty much denies that she helped stir the pot that led to the gargantuan kerfuffle between Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador at the ’70s party a couple of episodes ago.

“Let me get straight to the point! First off I NEVER said that Nina called Kelly a prostitute, those are Kelly’s words,” Judge wrote in her blog. “How it got brought up at dinner is not clear to me, we were having such a great time.”

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So, maybe there’s a possibility that the word “prostitute” never came out of Judge’s mouth, but we all know that she has a storied history of repeating things that other people have said to her at inopportune moments. Maybe her intentions are pure, but let’s be real, Judge had just as much to do with the spat as Dodd, Beador and Beador’s crazy friends.

Judge goes on to illustrate how the pre-pregnancy party went down, from her point of view.

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“What Kelly did was way out of line and downright crazy. Not only did she call Shannon a c*** and me a dumb f***, she called other people names as well,” Judge writes. “She told Meghan she didn’t know anything because she doesn’t have kids. I have learned that when Kelly is mad she will go off on everyone around her. When she went off on me I knew better than to fight with her, it was better for me to roll my eyes and sit back. I knew nothing good would come out of it. In the past I probably would have jumped over the table.”

Sure, Judge didn’t get physically ruffled at the sushi party, but what she does neglect to mention in her blog is that she felt inclined to point out Beador’s friend said Dodd “sucked dick to pay her bills” after Beador tried to defend the situation by saying the word “prostitute” was never mentioned in reference to Dodd.

Judge also claims she actually feels sorry for Dodd.

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“There is a big part of me that feels bad for Kelly,” she wrote. “I am really trying to give her a break and not be judgmental. When people act like that it usually is because they are in some kind of pain. At that point in our friendship I was trying to figure out what was going on with her and being compassionate. More to come with my ‘let’s figure Kelly out’ journey.”

It all sounds a little familiar, right? Remember when Judge was going around talking about Beador, saying that she felt sorry for her because she has a miserable life?

You’ve got to admit this scene from the recent episode…

Image: Bravo

… looks alarming similar to this scene from Season 9.

Image: Bravo

Maybe Beador and Dodd have more in common than they think?

What do you think? Should Judge own up to her actions or do you think she’s right because the drama really isn’t any of her doing?

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