Does Big Brother‘s Nicole know something about Paulie & Victor we don’t?

OK, so Nicole Franzel is messing with us, right? On Thursday’s new episode of Big Brother, her plan to evict Michelle from the house worked, and the six people remaining in the house are now James, Natalie, Paulie, Victor and, of course, Nicole and Corey. Last week, Nicole and Corey formed a foolhardy alliance with Paulie and Victor in order to guarantee them all the Final Four, which led all of America to ask, “Nicole, are you freaking kidding?”

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The vote for eviction was tied — two for Paul and two for Michelle — and so it was up to Nicole as Head of Household to break it. Not shockingly, she picked Michelle, saying that it was for the sake of strategy. In her interview with Julie Chen before she headed off to the jury house, Michelle reiterated that Nicole was “the most boringest” of all the Heads of Household, but also wondered why Nicole didn’t understand that keeping Paulie around just meant that he was going to win the game. I don’t get it it either. Paulie is the biggest threat in the house, and he and Victor seriously have each other’s backs. Has there been a conversation off-mic that the audience and the producers missed, during which Nicole divulged her secret plan to neutralize Paulie and his minions? (Unlikely, since Michelle had her mic off for about eight seconds on Thursday before the voice from above told her to put it on.) Also… how would Nicole do that? Short of causing him physical harm? Does she have some serious dirt on Paulie or Victor that she can leverage?

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If Nicole does have some kind of genius nefarious plot, it had better involve dumping Corey, because while he might be pretty, he is not strategic. Remember that care package he got from America, which included a thong? It also contained a $5,000 bribe, to be given to anyone in the house who Corey thinks could help his game. This week, that money went to Victor, who promised to vote to evict Michelle, which he was obviously going to do anyway. It would have been super interesting if he’d taken the money and voted Paulie off, but that didn’t happen and it was never going to, so it was essentially wasted. If Corey and Nicole were smart, they would have made sure the money went to either James or Natalie. There’s about to be a new Head of Household (after the remaining contestants finish pushing eggs through chicken wire — yes, that is seriously the challenge), so perhaps by this time next week, the Final Four will be a thing of the past, and with it will have gone Nicole’s “strategy.”

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Do you think Nicole’s plan will backfire? Were you glad to see Michelle go? Tell us in the comments!

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