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Nicole just made her fatal Big Brother error by siding with Paulie

We’re closing in on the end of Big Brother Season 18, which means everyone is freaking out (more than usual) and brokering deals with one another for the sake of remaining in the game. Today, Nicole, who’s now Head of Household, entered into an extremely sketchy contract with Paulie, James and Corey (the recipient of the season’s last care package, which included a thong — thanks, America) with the goal of making it to the final four. After much discussion, they decided the best name for their team would be — wait for it — the Final Four. At the end of the episode, as planned, Nicole nominated Michelle and Paulie for elimination. So, teaming up with Paulie: worst idea ever? Or Worst. Idea. Ever?

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Nicole’s reasoning behind nominating Paulie for elimination is that he won’t get kicked out; it will be Michelle, who’s a bigger threat to Nicole’s status in the house because she’s intelligent. Paulie, she told the group at the nomination ceremony, is also intelligent and a threat, but it’s all part of the ruse she’s cooked up with James, Paulie and Corey. After all, putting Paulie up will convince James and Natalie that Nicole’s still angry at Paulie. OK, sure. But what about Paulie, given how his previous behavior on this show, particularly toward women, indicates that he’s someone who’s trustworthy or genuine? Nicole, what are you thinking? This dude will throw you under the bus in nine seconds, particularly if it means he’ll stay on the show and make it to the Final Four. It’s theoretically possible that Nicole will make it to the end, but if it’s between her and Paulie for who’s going to take it all, Paulie will literally do whatever it takes to make sure Nicole is out first.

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Included in Corey’s care package (which, by the way, Twitter is sooo mad about; people totally think it’s evidence that this game is rigged) was a bribe, so he can offer anyone in the house $5,000 to do something that will be beneficial to his game. I haven’t totally worked this out yet, but the fact that Paulie is in this pact with Corey has something to do with the existence of that bribe. Paulie is inarguably terrible, and he’s managed to avoid eviction numerous times. It’s not like he doesn’t know how this game is played or the other people in it. As has been previously established, he’s a mastermind. I’m just saying — watch out, Nicole.

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Do you think Nicole’s deal with Paulie will pan out? Or is it actually a terrible idea? Tell us in the comments!

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