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Seriously, calm down — Jane dating Cameron on Rizzoli & Isles is not a big deal

On Monday’s penultimate episode of Rizzoli & Isles, Agent Davies, the dude from the FBI Academy, came to Boston to take Jane out to dinner, and the date went so well that Maura found Davies putting his shirt back on at Jane’s house the next morning. (Awkward.) Jane spent the episode squealing a lot, when she wasn’t busy fighting crime, obviously. It became pretty clear that Maura was starting to feel like a third wheel, as she continued to ponder her own next move, which looks like it’s going to be writing her novel in Paris, as one does. With next week’s episode being the series finale, it looks like fans of the show will not be getting the ending they’ve wished for, with Jane and Maura together in love, and they are not happy about it.

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I’m not necessarily thrilled that it looks like this show is going to wrap up with Jane in a relationship, as opposed to her just going to teach at the academy because it’s a good move for her career. I’m totally over the “women’s story lines must resolve themselves in monogamy/marriage” trope, but it would have been really great and, frankly, revolutionary, to have the show end with Maura and Jane together. That being said, I do think, and have said numerous times, that the friendship between Maura and Jane is the best thing about this show, and more than anything else (even the future of the Boston Police Department), that has to remain intact.

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It’s pretty clear, after watching Jane and Agent Davies make heart-eyes at one another for an entire episode, that whether or not these two are going to end up in a long-term relationship, we’re clearly supposed to root for them, which is hard if you’ve imagined, for seven consecutive seasons, that this show would culminate in Jane and Maura together. I don’t think that Rizzoli & Isles was ever headed there, but according to this follower on Twitter, Angie Harmon was never against the idea, even if the writers didn’t plan on actualizing it.

With only one episode left, I hope we’re in for some kind of redemption regarding Jane and Maura, so that fans aren’t completely heartbroken by the end of the series. It would be sad if Jane ended up in Virginia with Davies and Maura was just sans her best friend. I don’t think that will happen; these two have been through too much together to have a dude break them up, but while you’re girding yourself for the final episode, consider this invitation in the form of a tweet.

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What do you think of Cameron and Jane? Were you hoping Jane and Maura would end up together? Tell us in the comments!

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