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Mr. Robot spoilers are hard to hack, but here are three — you’re welcome

When it comes to USA’s hit drama Mr. Robot, fans never know what to expect, if they can truly believe what’s happening onscreen or what kind of crazy twist will take place next. Thankfully, Stephanie Corneliussen, who viewers know as Joanna Wellick, took time to chat with SheKnows and open up about Season 2.

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Like Season 1, the second season has been just as intriguing, especially when it comes to Joanna. She’s come to the forefront in a powerful and amazing way. Now that her husband, Tyrell Wellick, is MIA, Joanna’s been doing what she can to figure out where he is. You never know exactly what she’s thinking or up to, which makes her one of the most interesting characters of the series.

From her orchestrating Kareem’s murder, to all those mysterious gifts she’s receiving, to Joanna’s new man, Derek, she has a lot going on this season. There’s still plenty of unknowns surrounding her, but Corneliussen reveals a few spoilers that are both cryptic and telling. With that, let’s discuss.

1. Joanna’s new man

Joanna Wellick
Image: Tumblr

With Tyrell out of the picture (for now), Joanna has found a fresh relationship with a man named Derek. Not much is known about him, save for his S&M practices with Joanna and that he seems to truly care about her deeply. Even though Joanna had her lawyers draw up divorce papers from Tyrell, her true motives with Derek remain unclear. Does she really love him? Is she just using him?

According to Corneliussen, who was very careful in answering the question without giving anything away, she dishes, “The thing with Joanna is you don’t really know if her life as it looks right now is one big agenda to reach a further objective, or if she is slowly trying to cover her ass in some sense that if all fails then she has this guy who is obviously very devoted to her — sort of a safety net, right?” She coyly continues, “Whether or not it’s that or it’s true emotions, we don’t know yet. Let’s say that if I was Stephanie and I met Joanna, I’d be very careful getting involved with her, because I’d be very wary that I might just be another piece in her chess game. I think anyone involved in Joanna’s life, except for her baby, should be aware that this could mean something else. It might not be, we don’t know.”

Basically, Derek could very well be part of Joanna’s bigger plan, whatever that may be. He may be connected to another character, fsociety, the Dark Army or a number of other people and/or organizations in Mr. Robot. Knowing Joanna, she’s very calculated and does everything for a reason, so Derek could be so much more than what he appears.

Also, anyone else notice how Corneliussen references Joanna’s “chess game”? Either she’s just using that as a metaphor or she is giving fans a big hint that Joanna’s chess game is related somehow to all that chess Elliot’s been playing in Season 2. Now that’s something to think about.

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2. Joanna and Tyrell’s baby’s name

Joanna and Tyrell Wellick
Image: Tumblr

Have you ever noticed that the name of Joanna and Tyrell’s baby has yet to be revealed? Why is that? Is it on purpose? Is it just something that’s insignificant, so it isn’t needed for the story? I have a hard time believing it’s not significant, because everything seems to be important and for good reason on Mr. Robot.

After asking Corneliussen about the name she coyly says, “It’s a secret.” That means there’s something to it, right? Don’t worry, she doesn’t stop there and adds, “Do you want to know the craziest thing? We don’t even know and Sam [Esmail] refuses to tell us. We try to catch him in weak moments every time. So there’s this dream scene [above], where it’s part of Elliot’s imagination, it’s part of his dream world. Where [Elliot’s] having dinner with Joanna and Tyrell and our baby, our son who at this point is 5 years old. Sam would not tell us. We tried to catch him and he almost opened his mouth and then he just shut down and I was like, ‘No!’ I was looking at Martin [Wallström] and was like, ‘You pushed him! You shouldn’t have pushed him, he would’ve said it!’”

Yeah, that sure sounds like their baby’s name is meaningful. Anyone willing to take any guesses as to why and just what their son’s name is?

3. Joanna and Elliot

Joanna Wellick
Image: Tumblr

As viewers probably recall, Elliot and Joanna had a chilling first encounter. Here’s hoping they meet again, because the way Corneliussen and Rami Malek play off of one another is perfection. If that’s going to happen is uncertain, but let’s talk about whether or not Joanna has it out for Elliot. At the end of Season 2, Episode 7, it was revealed Elliot is indeed in prison as many have suspected for some time now. However, plenty of details are unknown, including how he got there and why he’s serving time.

Anyone else think Joanna is capable of putting him behind bars? It’s a possibility, especially from a woman who is not only a force and intelligent, but from someone who got a bad vibe from Elliot upon their first meeting. Plus, Joanna knows a few things in relation to Tyrell’s disappearance and Elliot’s connection to it, like the parking attendant Kareem, who saw Elliot in Tyrell’s car three days after the 5/9 attack. She’s getting close, so what’s not to say she figured out Elliot is behind Tyrell’s possible death or whatever his fate is?

Either way, Corneliussen says Joanna is probably not done with Elliot. “Well, she obviously has an interest in Elliot. He was flying under the radar, her radar. She didn’t even know he was working with Tyrell and when he shows up in Episode 10 of Season 1, you know, he could’ve easily stayed undetected and he just happened to lie to her.” She adds, “As soon as he says his name is Ollie she catches onto that and she’s like, ‘You’re lying to me. Why are you lying to me?’ That’s when he becomes a POI, a person of interest, right? So, I am sure that her interest in Elliot is very intrigued. I mean, I can’t confirm that he’s in jail because of her, but I wouldn’t be surprised that she’s still has an eye on him.”

Whether or not these spoilers solve any of the mysteries of Mr. Robot, at least fans have some more theories to explore.

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Mr. Robot airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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