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The Fosters season finale is totally gonna be a crazy Mariana cliffhanger

The Fosters Season 4 summer finale is right around the corner, and after a couple of months of drama, it actually seems like there could be some positive things on the horizon for the Adams-Foster clan.

Stef and Lena solved the whole house fiasco by filing for a (fake) divorce, so the family won’t end up homeless. Brandon seems to be finally making some good decisions about his future. Jude — while still facing some fairly normal adolescent relationship issues — seems to somehow be keeping a level head on his shoulders. Callie, well… Callie is definitely going down a dangerous path now that she’s embroiled herself in a murder mystery, but the girl always seems to somehow land on her feet, no matter how deep a hole she digs herself into. We don’t doubt there will be some kind of resolution to all her current issues by the end of Season 4.

But what about Mariana? We’ve got a sneaking suspicion this season is going to end in a crazy cliffhanger for her, because there’s no way all of her problems are going to get resolved in one episode.

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For one thing, it’s obvious that Mariana is an addict. Using Jesus’ prescription meds as a coping mechanism to deal with all her stress is totally backfiring, and there’s no way she can stop cold turkey now. It wouldn’t be super surprising at this point to learn that rehab is in her future.

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And then there’s Nick. Nick isn’t institutionalized anymore and is intent on getting Mariana back into his life. But just because he isn’t locked up doesn’t mean he’s not still a little unhinged. It’s clear in the finale trailer that there’s still some serious anger bubbling up inside him, and it looks like there’s a good chance the episode will end with Nick kidnapping Mariana.

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So we’re calling it right now: You can bet your bottom dollar that we will have to wait until Season 5 to learn Mariana’s fate when it comes to both her drug addiction and the immediate danger Nick poses.

Watch the finale trailer, then tell us how you think The Fosters Season 4 will end.

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