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No one calls Bobby Flay ‘Bob’ — his nickname is far superior to that

What’s the best part about working on Food Network? Aside from what we can only imagine is a lot of free food, a new People article hints that the chefs also get to pick one another’s brains about new recipes. With multiple cookbooks and her own show Beach Bites, not to mention her memorable hosting stint on Top Chef, it’s hard to imagine Katie Lee needing tips from anyone. But when she does need help, she goes straight to the top. Lee reveals that she’s gotten valuable tips from fellow host Bobby Flay. Jealous?

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“I love cooking with Bobby because I learn something from him every time,” Lee told People. “He’s the best at flavor. I call him Flavor Flay.” Yes, we’re going to borrow that nickname. According to People, Lee and Flay exchange texts about their favorite recipes.

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She asked him for advice for her summer’s market paella, and he gave her a very hot tip. “You really have to cook it longer than you would think and really hot,” says Lee.

Since Flay is something of a Food Network titan, she shared that Flay isn’t shy about offering up business advice as well as recipes. “Bobby’s always giving me advice for things like that,” she continued. “I feel like I can ask him for business advice too. He’s been at this a long time and obviously had tremendous success, so I look to him for a lot of advice.” 

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