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Apparently Nicki Minaj is growing really tired of Drake’s sour grapes

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s relationship is going strong, but Drake is continuing to be a thorn in their side with his constant disses — and Minaj is apparently close to the boiling point.

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Most recently, Drake appeared to diss Mill during his Summer Sixteen concert in Washington on Aug. 20, where he essentially referred to him as a “pussy” by altering the lyrics to his song “Back to Back.” And this may have been the final straw for Minaj, because according to HollywoodLife, a source has revealed that she is “disappointed in Drake.”

Adding, “He’s way out of pocket for talking shit.”

Minaj is reportedly over being silent while Drake continues to criticize her man, and if he knows what’s good for him, he’d better stop, like, now.

“Drake doesn’t want to start a war with Meek again, because if he does, Nicki’s going to grab the mic and go in on Drake,” the source explained. “Nicki can put Drake on blast for a lot of things, including how he’s been after her for years, but she never gave in because she’s loyal to Meek.”

Minaj is not afraid to call out people who’ve wronged her (she’s done it to Miley Cyrus, Farrah Abraham and Taylor Swift), and apparently she doesn’t plan to start holding her tongue now — one of the many reasons we love her.

“No doubt Meek and Nicki have issues, but at the end of the day, Meek’s her man, and she’ll ride hard for him,” the source said. “If she’s got to get on the mic herself and start throwing shots at Drake, she will!”

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Ugh. So much drama, but do you think it’s going to escalate into a full-blown social media war between Nicki Minaj and Drake? Or is she too smart to get involved?

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